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B-side podcast #003 – Thomas Hayat

We asked Thomas to tell us a bit more about the approach for this podcast. Who knows Thomas a bit better knows he can’t stop talking about what he loves: music.


“Finally a really good excuse to re-organize my record collection! The past year my vinyl collection grew so quickly.. from a small 200 to a humble 700… I totally lost the overview, small piles of records were laying everywhere. So before I started this podcast I had to fix that. It was a perfect way to go through all my music again. ”

“I’ve never really focused on one genre, which made it hard to pick my tracks for this podcast. Of course I have my phases where I listen more to one thing or the other, but in the end it doesn’t matter to me if a track is 70 bpm slow disco or 145 bpm electro. It’s about the feeling you get, the groove of the record that either gets you or not. So in the beginning I selected “a small amount” of 70 records and thought: this all needs to go in there, I’m gonna make it a 5hr podcast with everything in it. Unfortunately that was a bit mission impossible”..

“In the end I went for the more ‘danceable’ records and made a selection from labels / artists I really like at the moment, combined with some of my older records I never played in a set before. I like DJ-sets with surprising moves. To play italo-disco after an Armando track.. Or a crazy electro tune after a track with a lot of melodic synths. This podcast goes a bit through those styles, and each record does something to me one way or another.

When to listen to this podcast? Probably not in the morning..”

– That is if you don’t like dancing in the morning. Enjoy!


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Jurre Veen @ B-side | edit 001 w/ Oceanic

  • Radion Amsterdam

    May 24th 2017

In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have wished for such a first event, where all our friends came down and even more new friends were made. At 7.00 AM the room was still full of troopers with some serious love making in the dark corners. We’ll be back! Love, B-side!

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B-side Podcast #002 by Marc Leerink

To warm you all up for B-side | edit 001 w/ Oceanic, we present you Podcast #002 by Marc Leerink, blending electro, breakbeat and slow atmospheric rhythms into a spacey mix.
Sounds pretty odd – is pretty sick.

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B-side podcast #001 – Rick Rouge

We’re on soundcloud!
Our first podcast is by Rick Rouge who’ll join us in 2 weeks at B-side | edit 001 w/ Oceanic. He selected some of his favourite B-sides varying from lush house music to rolling synth records. Follow us here for more b-sides.